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Born under the name of, Oxus Academy is an online education platform that offers both primary and secondary school education through an entirely digitalised curriculum. Tackling socio-economic barriers, Oxus Academy is available worldwide, enabling access to high quality education for students of all ages and generations.

Our curriculum borrows from global education systems, focusing heavily on science and math subjects with the goal of building a foundation for careers in STEM.

The Oxus Academy platform is designed using state-of-the-art educational tools and technologies that are also utilized by numerous universities worldwide. To meet cross-country needs and overcome language barriers, the platform supports the translation of media into multiple languages. As part of our primary focus, students are able to collaborate and engage with teachers in the languages of English, Dari, and Pashtu.

Education for Afghan Women

With Afghanistan being our priority market at the moment, our primary goal is to address the countryโ€™s education gap, which is exacerbated by the current political developments and instability. Our teams are closely monitoring on-the-ground conditions as we take a data-driven approach to iterating the Oxus Academy Platform, with the goal of meeting the needs of the students, especially catering to Afghan girls and women both within and outside of Afghanistan.

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